These General Conditions of Subscription (hereafter the 'Conditions') regulate the contractual relationship between MINUSHU S.L., with office in Barcelona (08018), C / Llacuna 162-164 and CIF number B66592973 and the user of the Services, whether they be an individual or legal entity, who is registered to use the Services, whether they have subscribed or not (hereafter the 'Subscriber').

MINUSHU S.L. is an editorial service whose main activity is the development of content for paper supplements and applications linked to them (hereafter referred to as 'the Services').

Only people of legal age can subscribe to the Services. MINUSHU S.L. does its best to prevent minors from making payments through the Services, but it is up to parents and/or legal guardians and/or people of legal age who have the power of attorney for minor children to supervise the activity of minors to prevent this from happening. In any case, MINUSHU S.L. declines any responsibility if a minor subscribes to the Services without the consent of their parents and/or legal guardians and/or people of legal age who have the power of attorney for minor children.

The Conditions may be modified at any time. The Subscriber will be informed through a notice in the application, and it is the obligation of the Subscriber to accept them before continuing to use the Services.


The purpose of this document is to establish the terms and conditions governing the contractual relationship between MINUSHU S.L. and the user acquiring the status of the Subscriber once they register, contracts a subscription to the Services and/or when purchasing MINUSHU S.L. products (hereafter, the 'Agreement').


The Conditions affect all persons registered in NUSHU’s services through the website Users have the option to pay for the Service which includes access to printed missions, augmented reality content as well as editorial products.

For the schools’ service, they must register first through the portal and indicate that they want to subscribe by entering their profile.
During the subscription process, the Users will be asked to provide personal information (for more information about the personal information we collect, see the Privacy Policy) to be able to activate the subscription satisfactorily.

The Subscriber declares that each and every one of the data and information provided to MINUSHU S.L. is truthful. MINUSHU S.L. reserves the right to decline any subscription (in case of not yet registered) or cancel a subscription without any possibility of refund and this agreement being automatically resolved, to any Subscriber who provided false information, without prejudice of the actions that proceed in law.

Likewise, the Subscriber declares that he/she knows and accepts, in its entirety, the Conditions that will govern between the parties from the contracting with MINUSHU S.L. of a subscription to the Services.

IIn the event that the new Subscriber is a natural person, and therefore, has the status of consumer, regardless of the modality they have chosen, MINUSHU S.L. will send a purchase confirmation to the Subscriber via email. If the Subscriber needs an invoice, they may request one by sending an email to The Subscriber must provide the data necessary to prepare the corresponding invoice.


Only persons over the age of 18 may subscribe to the Services, in their own name and right or in the legal entity that they represent with power of attorney.

In general, once the subscription has been contracted by the Subscriber, the Subscriber will have the right to view all the content of the Services provided for the corresponding subscription modality and to download the paper supports to activate the augmented reality of the applications. Products that require the payment of an additional price will not be part of the subscription.


4.1. Description of Services

Under the name of NUSHU exists different types of services: a) Subscription service for schools and b) printed editorial products.

4.2 Duration of Subscription and Automatic Renewal

For the schools’ service, the duration of the Subscription will be the one that is specified at the time of accepting the Subscription contract. The Subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the contracting period.

When a Subscriber cancels its Subscription, it will continue to have access until the end of the last subscription period.

4.3 Obtaining Services

Paper supplemental materials can be printed from

The books can be acquired on the web nushuadventures and/or at third parties’ websites.

The Subscriber will be able to download the applications developed by MINUSHU S.L. through the App Store or the Google Play store. To access content once the applications are installed, the Subscriber must download the missions individually through the applications.

It may be that a supplement can be physically purchased or through third parties, which will be indicated in the website.


The subscription price will be detailed on the website

For the school’s service, to make the payment, the Subscriber must log in their account at and follow the steps to subscribe.

The payment of the school subscription will be made through Stripe. You can consult its privacy policy at:

For the books, the payment will also be made through Stripe.

The Subscriber agrees to the payment corresponding to the subscription of the Services, accepting that, in case it is not possible billing and/or charging by MINUSHU S.L. of the amounts owed by the Subscriber, MINUSHU will cancel their Subscription, therefore, this Agreement will be resolved.

It may be that access to the Services requires extra charges, such as Internet connection or printing. In no case does the Subscription cover these expenses, which must be paid by the Users at their own discretion.

The Services of MINUSHU S.L. are charged in euros. In the event that the Subscriber's banking entity applies a foreign exchange charge when making payment of any of our Services, this amount will be paid by the Subscriber.


The Subscriber may proceed to unilaterally cancel the subscription contracted at any time. Said cancellation will not, in any case, mean reimbursement of the amounts that the Subscriber would have paid already for the use of the Services.

To request the cancellation of the subscription, the Subscriber must log into their account and click on 'Cancel your subscription’. Remember that 'cancelling your subscription means not renewing the subscription. If a Subscriber cancels the subscription, they will have access to the contents of the Payment Services until the end of the last subscription period.

In the case where the Subscriber wants to permanently delete their account, they must click on ‘Delete account’. This will means the resting time of the subscription will be lost in case the Subscriber had previously contracted a Subscription.


In case of breach of this Agreement by the Subscriber, MINUSHU S.L. will be entitled to resolve the same, without possibility of reimbursement, in case the Subscriber had already made a payment. In addition, in case of non-payment, MINUSHU S.L. reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures in order to comply with the pecuniary obligations arising from the contracting of the Subscription.

MINUSHU S.L. will freeze access to content accessible to Subscribers until the Subscriber notifies MINUSHU S.L. which can carry out the transaction.


All Subscribers who have the status of consumers and users, by the Law 3/2014 amending Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16th, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, will have the right to withdraw from the contracted subscription within the period of fourteen (14) calendar days since the Subscriber obtained the possibility to enjoy the contents of their subscription, that is, since the Subscriber registered in NUSHU.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, Subscribers must notify MINUSHU S.L. by means of a declaration in which makes evident their desire to desist in a clear and unequivocal way, to the email address or by letter to the following address:

C/Llacuna, 162-164
08018 Barcelona
To do this, Subscribers may use this form.

In the event that the Subscriber exercises their right of withdrawal, MINUSHU S.L. will return the proportional part of the subscription period, corresponding to the remaining period of their subscription.


MINUSHU S.L. reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions at any time. However, such changes will be notified to Subscribers sufficiently in advance by means of a message in the applications of MINUSHU S.L., so that, if they do not agree with the modifications made, they can cancel the renewal of the contracted subscription. The modifications will affect the new Subscribers from the beginning of the contracting and the Subscribers already active at the moment of the change of Conditions, from the moment in which it renews its subscription.


All contents of the Services are owned exclusively by MINUSHU S.L., or MINUSHU S.L. can explotate them through agreements with third parties. The contents are protected by the legislation in the matter of Intellectual Property so they can not be reproduced, distributed, transformed or publicly communicated in any form, except for personal use by the Subscriber.

By virtue of the foregoing, the Subscriber may not duplicate, sell, resell or otherwise exploit the Services. The Subscriber agrees to know and respect these rights. MINUSHU S.L. reserves the right to take appropriate legal measures to go against those who contravene this clause.


These Conditions shall be interpreted and governed by Spanish law. MINUSHU S.L. and the Subscriber undertake to try to resolve, in a friendly manner, any disagreement that may arise in the development of the contracted service, prior to appealing to the jurisdictional route.

Online Litigation Resolution Platform: In compliance with the provisions of the European Union Regulation 524/2013 of May 21, 2013 on the resolution of online litigation in the matter of consumption, we inform you that the European Commission makes available to you an online platform for out-of-court dispute resolution online, available at the following link:, through which any claim can be processed on claims made online within of the territory of the European Union.

Contact email:


For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Only the Spanish version of this document is legally valid. English and Catalan translations want to facilitate the information and the contracting of the Services by Users in these languages, but these versions are not legally bonding.

We encourage you to print this document to have it at your disposition, in conjuction with Legal notice, andTerms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Last updated 15th May 2018.